The Ndebe script is a formulaic syllabic writing system for Igbo that looks the same to everyone, but sounds completely different when read by Igbo…

June 2020

The horrible death of Toyin Salau, a little 19 year old girl, by torture and murder has shaken and hurt me on a personal level.

May 2020

I think my eating habits have definitely changed for the better during the lockdown.

April 2020

I watching the daily vlogs of a Chinese man in Wuhan named Hai Tang, about his wife, Li Ting, who is an emergency room nurse there, and who had become…
Possibly some may think me tone deaf for grieving money in this climate when I can still work, but this blog is my safe space, and I have wanted one…

March 2020

I've always loved computers, and though all my life, I've dabbled with programming, I never really considered making a career out of it, and I simply…

August 2019

The first time I stepped into my flat, I've loved it for it's light.

October 2018

And I won.
Sexy Igbo is a revolutionary learning system and practise community for Igbo designed to get even absolute beginners speaking Igbo fluently.

May 2018

My cousin Obi died yesterday. I thought his life would just continue despite being an endless blur of hospitals and doctors and drugs.

July 2017

I'm so sad that Chester Bennington, who helped so many people around the world like me make it through the dark, couldn't find that light for himself.

June 2017

The penalty for theft should never be the loss of one's life, but Otto Warmbier found out the hardest way, why even white men can't just do what they…