At the beginning of our relationship, Bakura and I worked in the same company. Now I know you should never have an affair with a co-worker, but I adored him, and he was the sweetest, most charming, most beautiful creature I had ever laid eyes on, and we couldn't resist each other. Anyway, we were hiding our affair from everyone because I was so much younger than him and we knew other people wouldn't approve or understand, so there was a lot of sneaking around at work and secret glances at each other and shy smiles. I would come into Bakura's office every chance I got, and he would sneak in to see me. Now once, I really needed to use the toilet [ snicker all you want], and the nearest one was in Bakura's office, and it turned out that day that everyone in Bakura's office, including Bakura himself, was gone to lunch, so I snuck into the toilet and locked the door and settled down to enjoy myself. I'd only been there half an hour or so when I heard footsteps coming up the stairs and Bakura's voice. To say I was mortified was the understatement of the century, so I tried to flush the toilet and to my utter dismay, discovered that the water had stopped running, and so the toilet wouldn't flush. When a toilet doesn't flush properly, it might mean that there's a problem with the drain and sewerage system. Maybe his toilet would need a new sewer pipe installing by a pipe bursting method (

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