Fine Thing No Dey Finish For Market

It's taken me some time to admit to myself that I'm not as good with money as my inner self-critical eye feels I should be. I mean, money is one of those things where you really can't be self-critical enough. It's not like dieting where yeah you could be thinner, but there comes a point where nne, you're too thin. You can always be better with money. Always. I used to pride myself on being someone who had good financial goals and was actually working towards them and making progress. I saved up a lot of money working in Nigeria, bought my ticket, moved to DC, roughed it out for ten months, then got a great paying job, and started hitting all my saving and investment milestones. I was doing so great, then I started slipping. I guess all those months of denying myself Starbucks, and having to ride the bus instead of catching an Uber, and not being able to buy nice things because I was broke got to me in the end, and one nice purchase turned into three, all the little luxuries I told myself I had earned and deserved started to add up, and before I knew it, I was wondering where all my spare cash had gone before the end of the month. I've had Mint since 2008, and for a long time it was amazing for helping me stick to my budget and keep my spending under control, but as I got sucked deeper and deeper into the carefree, reckless spending, I started ignoring, then actively hiding my Mint "over budget" alerts so they didn't make me feel bad. I was basically sticking my head in a hole in the sand, and hoping to not end up broke. Recently though, I've snapped out of my torpor, and realized I need to drastically address my financial habits, and stop frittering money away. It's so sobering to track the trends in my transaction and see how much money I've lost to unnecessary conveniences like overpriced coffee. I mean, just take a look at how much I spent on Uber last year: I spent $1,840.54 on Uber last year.

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