Stop Molesting Me with Your Religion

Back in January, I was at Silverbird when I decided to pop into this boutique on the third floor called Dollhouse. The store was practically empty and apart from the cashier, sales attendant, and manager, I was the only customer. I don't mind being ignored when I go shopping because I find sales attendants tend to be a little pushy and ruin my shopping experience more often than not, so I was happy that they let me peruse in peace ... or so I thought. Just when I was homing in on a yellow jewel encrusted jacket, the sales attendant sidled up to me and tried to hand me a flier. Thinking it was for a promotion or sale they were doing, I reached for it and rapidly recoiled as the words "I want to invite you to my church.." slipped from her lips. Why oh why do Nigerians think this is okay? It's almost as if they think religion is such an untouchable topic that you will not dare refuse and must bow to their wishes. It seems there isn't anywhere you can go in this country and be safe from religious fanatics bent on thrusting their religion unsolicited into your every experience, and using it as a weapon to assault you. I gave the sales girl a firm "No thank you, I'm here to shop!" and turned back to the jacket, expecting it to end there. Instead of going away, she broke into an angry whine.

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