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Every few months or so, I write a post about how I want to revamp my life, and I never get around to it. This is the middle of my freshman semester, I don't think I'm in a good place right now with my life right now. I keep wanting to start over, but this is life, and you can't always start over, sometimes you just have to make adjustments on what is going on right now. I'm having so much trouble expressing myself, and the way I feel inside. And because of that, I get depressed. I don't feel like I'm even on the way to fulfilling ANY of my dreams. I'm gaining weight at a mad pace, my body has expanded in proportions that I didn't know were possible, my face is breaking out, my hair is a mess, my social life and love life are dead, I need glasses desperately, I have toothache, I'm bored out of my skull, I have essays attacking me from every corner, I feel fat, unhealthy, and slovenly.

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