When One Needs to Cellotape One's Laptop...

.... One might as well acquiesce that the end has come for said laptop. This is the reason why older generations should have supervised access to technology. I gave my Mom my laptop, and when she returned it a long while later, it had developed the curious property of being unable to stay on for even a second if you pull the plug. Oh, and it had about twenty million viruses. It has no battery support whatsoever, and this is beyond annoying I must tell you. Imagine the infinite scenarios. Half typed term papers, emails, pictures, important documents, lost and destroyed in a split second of blackness. I weep. I weep I tell you, I weep. So the question now is whether to take the risk and buy a replacement battery for my beloved laptop (which is beginning to produce funny squeaky noises whenever I type) since HP doesn't carry my particular laptop any longer, or just save up and buy one of those

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