You are Not Blessed. Just Lucky.

You are not blessed. And God does not favour you. There is a long list of people in this world that are more faithful, more devout, and less sinful than you, and far more in need of and deserving of God's blessing than you, yet their daily lives are full of shit, pain, and unending horror. Some of them live short, brutish, painful lives from beginning to end and yet manage to cling to their faith in God and devotion to Christianity. Yet noone rescues them from poverty, pain, assault, etc. There is no financial miracle for them, no year is their year of financial breakthrough. They will never get to post selfies on Instagram of the ginormous house God has "blessed" them with, the fantastic job God has "blessed" them with, the amazing boo God has "blessed" them with who never forgets to impress on Valentine's day. Just imagine somebody whose Mummy and Daddy have paid their way all their life, and who eventually hooks up with another pampered private school luxurious life baby, and together they start posting pictures on Instagram about all their "blessings", and maybe use an

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