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Merry Christmas!

Yesterday was December 10

Wanna buy a bun pretty boy?

My First Digital Drawing Ever!!!

Nigerian Fiction Has a New Banner ... and Other Art

Thanksgiving Break and Movie Madness

Nigerian Fiction Hit 200 Members Last Night!!

Naming Ceremony Vote

NSFW: So I found an interesting Igbo artifact

Work In Progress: Yoruba Girl

Meme Day 2: Letter to My Crush

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I Got a New Phone

Gonna be up most of the night

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Jollof Rice

Today I did nothing productive

I don't often do memes

50 Years and a Look at the Future

Printmaking Class

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40 Day Master Cleanse: Days 6 and 7

40 Day Master Cleanse: Day 5

I updated a drawing

40 Day Master Cleanse: Days 3 and 4

Dear Bethany Storro

I made the appointment

I finally drew something

40 Day Master Cleanse: Days 1 and 2

Audio Blog: Detoxing

I just had a shower



I am Tired


In other news

Domo Diaries: Traipsing Around NYC

My Apologies

A Little While Ago

I did a new drawing... and broke my finger

I've given up trying to understand

Mellowyel Sent Me a Package

I bought this book today

Starting Over

It's Over


I couldn't sleep or think of anything good...

Bakura Called...

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Random Photos Part 4

Random Photos Part 3

Random Photos Part 2

Random Photos Part 1

Gonna take a photo dump

Dear Sugabelly

My First Video Blog Ever!!

Letting Go and Cleaning Out

Last night

No Matter

I got tired of being depressed

Night Clouds

I haven't done a portrait in a really long time

According to this Article

Japan Won!!!!

I Woke Up for the World Cup

Victims of Abuse

My New Bicycle Came

A Nice Start to the Day

This Morning I was cold

I am very wicked

Today is the Deadline

Random Thoughts

Dear Daddy

We Went Out For The Day

I am Packing


Pre-Finals Mashup

A Message from Nigerian Fiction


I wrote a story

The Making of Nigerian Fiction

Read, Write, Rock On

I think I've Run Out of Titles

In which there is much ado

When someone steals your ideas

Happy 101 Award

The TTEC Assault Case

Oo Nwoye this is your fault!

The Gini Coefficient

I'm TWENTY-ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nigerian Companies Never Ever Learn - Obongo Mail

Resolution and Nigerian Fiction

What Happened

Every Guy I Have Ever Been With

Week Mashup II

Master Cleanse: First Day of Food

Master Cleanse Days 13 and 14: The End of the Diet

Copic Insanity: A Dinka Sneak Peek

Master Cleanse Days 11 and 12

Q and A

Master Cleanse Day 10

Master Cleanse Days 8 and 9

Master Cleanse Days 5, 6, and 7

About a Boy

International Marketing: The Fruits of Sweat and Blood

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Master Cleanse and Some Art

So Much for Igbo Chastity

Igbo Expression of the Week

Week Mashup

A Charming Quote

Dear God...

Messing about with Google

International Marketing... or neverending homework

Only White People Can Save the World

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words... or maybe a few million

Nigerian Fiction

The Weight Business

The Continent in International Business II

Scripting Ndebe

The Continent in International Business

Isn't it strange...



More Drawing

You know how...

The Astounding Stupidity of the Nigerian Government

First Post of the New Year (well the second really)

Happy New Year!!!!